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Shipwreck Response Sheet
Lost at Sea Group Points:

Name of Group: W. Disney's Lovers
Our shelter is like the house of Igor (from Winnie the Pooh)- it is small with a 3D triangle-like shape. It is next to a small forest. Our tribe flag is next to it. It has wooden branches so that it is sustained and so that it can resist extreme weathers.
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We chose wood to construct our shelter because it is resistant and can sustain our shelter easily- we also used branches. Also because wood is an easy material to find in an island- there is plenty of it.
1 Spear
1 sleeping mat
1 winter jacket
Each of our choices is important because we think that they are essential so that you can survive in an unknown island.

Total Group Points: 5
Lost in the Jungle

Total Group Points: 5
Name of Group
W. Disney's Lovers
What choices do you need to make to survive?
shelter and eat comestible things
Is trading for, searching for or building what you need and option?
yes and also protection
What dangers must be avoided in the jungle?
What other strategies have you decided on and why?

We are going to use strategies like use complex traps.
More Strategies
that are all of our strategies

Group Name:

Describe your emotions before the monsoon hits.
What problems do you anticipate?
Storms and ambushes
What strategies have you devised to deal with these problems? A shelter
What items will you need?
many to survive like a winter jacket.
What useful items do you have with you?
I winter jacket
I saw
What can you find?
Animals and fruits
Can you trade for anything?
Can you make or hunt anything?
Choose one more item each from those remaining in Column B!
Why did you choose these items?
Because we thought that they would help us survive in the jungle.

Group Name:
What decision has your group made:Eat each other if we get to a critical scene.
What are the pros of this decision? That maybe one will survive.
What are the cons of this decision? that we will die
Why is this the best strategy for getting the ship’s attention? putting the sign SOS on the beach.