Jose Andres Caceres
Jorge Horan
Jorge Alessandro Dubon

Lost at Sea Group Points: 11

Name of Group: Task Force 141
Describe your shelter:


Describe your choice of material and design for the shelter.

We used a tree to be high up, away from danger.
List your choices for Column B items.

Slingshot, Swiss Army Knife, Light Jacket
Explain why each one is important.

Slingshot is for hunting, SA Knife is for cutting open fruits and stuff like that. The Light Jacket is for warmth and rain.

Lost in the Jungle

Total Group Points: 13
Name of Group

TF 141
What choices do you need to make to survive?

Good ones ;) ;)
Is trading for, searching for or building what you need an option?

Off the ground and away from danger.
What dangers must be avoided in the jungle?

Animals and mosquitos :O
What other strategies have you decided on and why?
Stay near the sea and food and away from danger.
More Strategies

No more :)
Dealing with Monsoon Issues Response Form
Group Name:

Describe your emotions before the monsoon hits.

What problems do you anticipate?

What strategies have you devised to deal with these problems?
Build a nice warm shelter and enjoy that nights party and eat the guests.
What items will you need?
Lamp oil and a mattress
What useful items do you have with you?
Swiss army knife
What can you find?
Can you trade for anything?
Trade with predator (skulls)
Can you make or hunt anything?
Hunt people 'cause we're 'ard
Choose one more item each from those remaining in Column B! Lamp oil and a mattress.
Why did you choose these items?
We can use the mattress to sleep on or burn. We will make the fire from the lamp oil and get the fire from other dead tribes... hehehehehehehehehehehehehehheh!
Going Home Response Sheet
Group Name:
What decision has your group made:Burn stuff to make a smoke signal
What are the pros of this decision? The ship can see us and come to help us
What are the cons of this decision? Lots of smoke!
Why is this the best strategy for getting the ship’s attention? That!