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This year we will be running a slightly different version of project, one which involves the use of MineCraft.

For this activity you will be shipwrecked on a map along with other survivors of the shipwreck. You will be placed into teams which will compete with other teams for safe locations, and building sites, resources and food.

*Be aware that PVP will not be enabled throughout the unit, but the game master will enable it at certain times. Monsters, weather and day and night will be enabled.

Let's get started then.

Surviving a Shipwreck!

Lesson 1:

Lost at Sea and Shelter
Your ship has gone down. Soon you will be shipwrecked on an island together.
How will you survive when there isn’t enough of anything for everyone.?

Task 1:

You have been given a card, find 2 other people that have different cards and stand together.
You have now formed a tribe. It is up to your tribe to help each other survive. You bring many different talents to this challenge. Be prepared to use them. This island is dangerous!

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 6.53.06 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-04-29 at 6.52.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-04-29 at 6.53.01 PM.png

Task 2:

Tribal Badges
Create an badge to represent your tribe. Save this picture for use later. Be aware you will need to recreate a version of it in MineCraft later on.

Task 3:

The Lost at Sea Game

You are LOST at sea.

Play the __Lost at Sea game__ and keep track of your choices. How many times does it take your group to finally get off the island safely?
Report to your teachers.

Lesson 2

You made it to land and are now shipwrecked on an island.
You need shelter.

Task 1:

Building a Shelter

You will now design and build a shelter in MineCraft.

  • Look at the map, what is the best location? Why?
  • Choose a location and mark it on the map with your team emblem and team name(using a sign).
  • What items will you need? You may only use natural materials!
  • What can you find?
  • How long will it take to build?
  • What problems might you encounter?
  • How will you deal with these problems?
  • Add your team emblem to the structure you have built.

Rules for Building a Shelter

  • You must stay above a ground no mining downwards more than 4 blocks.
  • You may build into the side of cliffs.
  • You may only go underground if you happen to find a cave.
  • Your buildings are limited to one per player and must use no more than 36 blocks each.
  • You can only use lava, coal torches, redstone torches or sunlight to light caves or interiors and you cannot use glass to seal windows.


Your tribe will need to fill this in for next lesson. You are a team. You must all contribute to this exercise. The table has been shared with your group in the response notebook in Google Drive. Go to the Shared With Me folder to find it.

Shipwreck Response Sheet

Lost at Sea Total Tribe Points:

Name of Tribe:
Describe your shelter.
Add an image of you building your shelter.

(screenshot=shift,command/flag, 4)
Describe your choice of material and design for the shelter.
List your reasons for these choices.
Add an image of your finished shelter. (screenshot=shift,command/flag, 4)

Are you new to Minecraft? If so watch this short introductory video to learn a few important skills.

Task 2:
You need to eat at least once during this session. Form hunting party and talk strategy.

Fill in this table in your response notebook in Google Drive.
Strategy Description
Role While Hunting
Member 1:
Role While Hunting
Member 1:
Role While Hunting
Member 1:

Go Hunting Now!

Take a few screenshots of you hunting party at work.
Add them to the table.

Think about this experience.
  • How did your tribe feel about the experience?
  • What were the challenges and successes?
  • Is there a better way?

Add this reflection to your response notebook.

Lesson 3:

Task 1:
Your luck has changed! Many items have washed ashore! Check out your inventory to see what you have and discuss how you might use these items.

Task 2:
Building a Trap

Traps can be used to protect your tribe against rival tribes, monsters and some animals. They can also be useful to trap animals to eat.

Have a look at how this young boy created a trap using many different items.
Preview the __Rube Goldberg Vid__.

Here are some ideas for making traps in MineCraft . You can find more ideas on this site.
Be aware that you may not have all of the items needed to complete some of these. Are there ways you might modify them?

ALERT! You must eat at least once a day.

Build your trap and feed your tribe before it is too late!
You may make basic traps using lava, water and other materials and items you can mine, gather and craft as well as those items given to you by the Game Master(your teacher).

Lessons 4-5:

Staying Alive and Improving Your Situation

It looks like your tribe will be stuck here for quite some time. You will need to plan for a longer stay.

What will you need to do to keep your tribe alive, comfortable and well fed?
What might you do if a ship or plane were to appear in the distance? Could you devise a signal of sorts?

Work at improving your situation for the rest of this lesson. Make sure you follow the rules for building outlined above.

Here are a few more rules you will need to adhere to.

  • You can only use your main inventory for storage of any items or materials.
  • No smelting and no potions are allowed.
  • You may farm, but cannot spawn plants or animals or raise herds of animals. In other words you must only use animals, and seeds you encounter naturally.

Are you up to any challenges?

Build an above ground animal trap.

Build a signal fire for aircraft to see.

Build an irrigation and water system for your needs.

Build something with redstone.

Lesson 6:

Going home?

Situation Card: Read and think of a viable solution!

There is a ship on the horizon. Don’t worry, it’s not the Titanic!

It is your only hope of getting home.
How will you try to signal it?

Task 1:
Plan your strategy with your group taking into account the materials and equipment currently available to you. Be ready to defend your plan!

Going Home Response Sheet
What decision has your group made:
What are the pros of this decision?
What are the cons of this decision?
Why is this the best strategy for getting the ship’s attention?

Task 2:
Using PhotoBooth, record a short 30 second video diary explaining your plan.

  • Upload the group video to Google Drive
  • Share it with your teacher.
  • Add the link to the response notebook.

Task 3:
Begin work on your signal!

Lesson 7:

Dealing with Disappointment

It didn't work! The ship went right by. Not only that but rival tribes have been trying to raid your settlement. The time has come for action. You must protect your tribe.

Build a series of traps around your settlement to keep invaders out. Be ready to defend yourselves. You will be in PVP for this session.

Don't despair however, some special items may have washed up into your inventories!