tipi video:

red backpack
fishing pole

challenge video:

5 points

red backpack
Shipwreck Response Sheet
Lost at Sea Group Points: 5

Name of Group: super pompa
Describe our shelter
it is made of wooden sticks and tied together with leaves.
Describe your choice of material
and design for the shelter.
the shelter was based from
wooden sticks, in the video it
shows how the tipi is tied with leaves and put together in a triangular shape.
List your choices+ for Column B items.
WE CHOSE A FISHING POLE.we thought it would be important to have a fishing pole a bag pack and a lighter, the fishing pole because that waywe can get food and in our bag pack we can put any valuable materials we find in the way.
Explain why each
one is important.
we thought it would be
essential for survival
because we can get
food finding simple bait. the aim it to find something that
will serve as our string and bait.
fishing pole