Shipwreck Response Sheet
Lost at Sea Group Points: 14

Name of Group: Survivor Pride
Describe your shelter:
our shelter is mainly made from leaves and wood trunks, next to it we have a bridge and a small food storage that it it made from wood.

Video Diary:

Describe your choice of material and design for the shelter.
List your choices for Column B items.
Every Team
First aid kit
Oil lamp
Rubber Dingy
1 crate of 15 apples
1 box of matches
1 warm blanket
Explain why each one is important.
1 crate of 15 apples:
It's important because we needed food and we thought that the apples would last longer and we could plant more.
1 box of matches:
We could use them to light fire for us to be warm
1 warm blanket:
To keep us warm at night
Our trap:

Lost in the Jungle Response Sheet:
Bow Hunter

Total Group Points:
Lost in the Jungle:

Total Group Points:18
Name of Group:
Survivor Pride
What choices do you need to make to survive?
Is trading for, searching for or building what you need and option?
What dangers must be avoided in the jungle?
-Quick sand
-Poisonous Plants
-Dangerous Animals (Snakes, Scorpions etc).
What other strategies have you decided on and why?
More Strategies

Finding Shelter from the Monsoon Response Sheet:

What location did you choose?
Between 2 trees.

Group Name: Survivor Pride
Why did you choose this location?
We thought that between 2 trees it would be easier to make a shelter because the the trees maked the walls of our shelter and we only needed to put a type of roof.

How will you deal with the hunger, thirst and injured member of the group?

Our plan to be rescued: