We chose this powerful emblem because it represents our strength and faith we have towards our tribe. Our mission that has been passed for generations in our tribe needs to be fulfilled. We are anonymous, we are not one group, we are a tribe and if you ever challenge us, may the force be with you and we will bewitch you!

Shipwreck Response Sheet

Lost at Sea Group Points: 15 points

Name of Group: Mockingjay
Describe your shelter
Our shelter is a tree house that has a roof made out of wood and the door. Our flag is on the top to represent our pride to our tribe.
Describe your choice of material and design for the shelter.

We used wood to create a shelter in the tree in order to have protection from the rain. We made stairs which will help us get to our shelter.
List your choices for Column B items.

1 sack of potatoes
1 frying pan
1 rain cap
Explain why each one is important.

Each one is important for our survival. The sack of potatoes will give us nutrition and energy when we need it the most. Moreover, the frying pan will help us cook any food that we find in the island. Finally, the rain cap will help us protect us from the rain when we are not in the shelter and in order to keep warm we will kill and animal and get inside it in order to avoid dying of coldness.

Shelter Pictures:

These pictures show our shelter we build in Reaction Grid.

Items that have Washed Ashore!


Every Team

First aid kit

Oil lamp




Rubber Dingy


1 sack of potatoes


1 frying pan


1 rain cape

Food trap:

Lost in the Jungle Response Sheet
Bow Hunter

Total Group Points:
Lost in the Jungle

Total Group Points: 24
Name of Group:

What choices do you need to make to survive?

First of all you need to make sure you are in a good mental state and that we build the right type of shelter for the temperature, for an instance: if it is 40 Degrees with rain and wind can cause hypothermia. Also we need to take into consideration what type of animals there are near the shelter.
Is trading for, searching for or building what you need and option?

Searching for materials is a bad idea because if you go into the jungle you may occur life threatening events. Building what you need is essential in order to create weapons, or even, a shelter in order to survive.
What dangers must be avoided in the jungle?

Avoid going to the jungle as you may die. Also avoid building the shelter near a river as in a strong precipitation it might suddenly cause the river to flood. Also avoid building under a tree as it might cause its branches to fall.
What other strategies have you decided on and why?

We decided to have a lean-to shelter in order to protect us from the sun and precipitation. Another strategy is that we will have roof in order to reduce radiation which will make us lose heat.
More Strategies

Build the entrance on the opposite side from the wind and check what type of animals are in that area. Moreover, make sure to have a bed build higher off the ground in order to avoid insects and reptiles during the night.
Cont Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 1.47.13 PM.png

Finding Shelter from the Monsoon Response Sheet

What location did you choose? We chose to build our shelter near a tree.

Group Name: Mockingjay
Why did you choose this location?

We chose this location for a number of factors, first: we knew we had to protect us from the rain and secondly we had to build it with a roof in order to reduce radiation which will make us lose heat.

How will you deal with the hunger, thirst and injured member of the group?

We will have to get a leaf of a tree and drink water from it as leaves trap precipitation by interception. Moreover, we will get a piece of our shirt and cover the scar but in order to make him survive we will have to cut that part of the leg. Adding to this, in order to survive form the hunger we will try to kill an animal or find any nearby plants that produce food.

Dealing with Monsoon Issues Response Form
Group Name: Mockingjay

Describe your emotions before the monsoon hits.

Before the monsoon came we were ready for the night and we had everything that was needed.
What problems do you anticipate?

Because of the sounds of the birds and darkness of the night we think there might be a strong monsoon rain.

What strategies have you devised to deal with these problems?

We made sure that our sticks were tightly to the ground in order to stop it from flying away. Also we made sure to kill an animal in order to get inside of it and keep warm during the monsoon rain.
What items will you need?

We will need a rifle and enough food.
What useful items do you have with you?

We have 1 frying pan, 1 sack of potatoes and 1 rain cap that will help us survive the monsoon.
What can you find? We were able to find enough wood to make a spear and water from the leaves.

Can you trade for anything? We can trade but it is very risky as other members can kill us, or even, an animal as we go through the forest.

Can you make or hunt anything? We can make a spear, a bow and an arc from the wood we found on the island. Adding to this, we also are going to kill an animal in order to get inside of it and keep warm.
Choose one more item each from those remaining in Column B!
Why did you choose these items?

We chose a rifle in order to help us kill an animal and we chose 3 cans of peaches in order to help us keep healthy.

Going Home Response Sheet
Group Name: Mockingjay
What decision has your group made: We decided that we will create a massive fire using all the wood resource we found. Also we will get the frying pan and the sunlight will be reflected causing the ship to see us.
What are the pros of this decision? We might get seen and get saved.
What are the cons of this decision? The reflected light might not be so strong in order to catch the attention of the ship. Also the fire might run out making the ship go away.
Why is this the best strategy for getting the ship’s attention? Because the great flame of the fire will be able to be seen by the captain and the reflected light will reflect on the window of the ship and into the eye of the captain making him see us.