Shipwreck Response Sheet
Lost at Sea Group Points: 8

Name of Group:DIA
Describe your shelter:
It is under a tree, made entirely of wood sticks and planks.
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The shelter is made entirely of wood, tree branches, trunks and small pieces we found on the ground.
Red rubber boots
Deep cooking pot
Saw: to cut down trees and material we may find t survive, we can hunt with it.
Red rubber boots: to tread in water so it is easier to fish.
Deep cooking pot: To cook large amounts of food we may find so we can put it away clean and to boil water.

Lost in the Jungle Response Sheet
Lost in the Jungle

Total Group Points: 7
Name of Group: DIA
We have to choose if we want to risk being in the open
We will have to search for food and a water source and also high ground in case of rain and to build a shelter in the thick parts of the forest away from view.
hungry predators, especially at night. Bugs, poisonous animals, fruits and plants.
To try and stay on high ground and on the tree tops. Also to stay on the thick parts of the forest and not to venture to far from each other and the thickest parts of the forest.
If we encounter any predators to make a slow retreat and take to the nearest shelter mostly trees.
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Group Name: DIA

Describe your emotions before the monsoon hits.

everything was ok. we tried to survive every day. We focused only on surviving day after day.
`What problems do you anticipate?

What strategies have you devised to deal with these problems?

Storms and animals

What items will you need?

sticks, weapons and things to make fire.
What useful items do you have with you?
r=Red rubber boots, a cooking pot and a saw.
What can you find?
wood ,tress, plants

Can you trade for anything?

Can you make or hunt anything?
traps and fish
Choose one more item each from those remaining in Column B!
Why did you choose these items?
- One large umbrella and one fish hook.
we chose this items because they can help us to keep warm and to eat.

Group Name:DIA

What decision has your group made:we chose to build our home from pieces of wood .we also chose a large umbrella,one fishing hook .
What are the pros of this decision?with the large umbrella we can be safe on rainy days.
with the fishing hook we can get food.
What are the cons of this decision?
Why is this the best strategy for getting the ship’s attention?